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StartKleen Legacy + Manager on the Go

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Manager Training in Spanish
Entreno de Managers en Espanol

How to See Pay Period Daily Totals for Employees

Como Ver los Totales Diarios del Periodo de Pago Para el Empleado

  1. Select View Timecard

2. Select the Date (Current Period)

3. Select the Date you want to review 

4. Select Filter

5. Filter according to your preferences. 

Select Active direct reports 

6. Change Active Direct reports to preferred filter 

Select All Employees

7. Scroll and select the prefered employee

8. This is the employee’s Main info showing the pay period and total hours 

9. Scroll for each day’s hours for the selected employee

10. Scroll more to see weekly and pay period totals

How to Approve/Deny a Punch Change Request
Cómo aprobar/denegar una solicitud de cambio de marcaje

  1. To approve/deny one punch change request

Para aprobar/denegar una solicitud de cambio de marca




  1.  To approve/deny multiple punch change requests

Para aprobar/denegar múltiples solicitudes de cambio de marcaje




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