Did You StartKleen Today?

From our plant sanitation teams to our product service technicians, we support our customers with the highest levels of competency in the field of sanitation.

StartKleen Legacy

  • Always audit ready.
  • StartKleen Legacy understands performance both on the floor and in the documentation program are top priority. In order to accomplish this StartKleen employs more resource management than our competitors.
  • Our senior management team spends more time in your plant each year than our competitor’s.
  • Technical Service Team and Area Managers are in close proximity and visit our clients often.

About Us

  • We are a Family owned and operated small business in the heart of North Texas. Although StartKleen began in 2009, the StartKleen team has been working together in Contract Sanitation and Detergent Manufacturing since 1976.
  • StartKleen delivers an unparalleled level of expertise in its food safety products and contract cleaning services. Our Technical Service Managers support our crews with the highest level of competency in the field of sanitation. Our lower corporate overhead and flat organizational structure give our customers more resource management support for each dollar.
  • One outstanding employee gets more accomplished than two adequate employees
  • Innovating Food Safety with Social, Environmental and Economic responsibility.
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