Advisor Conversation Notes

Advisor Conversation Notes

The Team Involved:

Site Manager + Advisor

Introduce Goals and Identify potential Mentors


Dos Amigos Goals: 

Improve Retention and create a stronger team where people feel valued and like they belong.

Identifying Potential Mentors:

  1. Who on your team is most welcoming to new people during their first 2 weeks?
  2. Who on your team brings a positive attitude to the floor?
  3. Who sets a good example for new hires to learn about StartKleen culture?

Some additional things to think about are:

    • Has this person worked with StartKleen for over a year?
    • Does this person have good attendance and is on time?
    • Is this person involved in any drama?

The Team Involved:

Site Manager + Advisor+ Supervisors + Potential Mentors

Paint the Picture

  • Use examples:
    • Welcoming someone into your home and giving them the tour
    • New Kid at School
    • Talk about the kind of welcome that makes us feel at home

Program Highlights

  • Timeline and Incentives for Mentors 
  • Mentor Responsibilities 

Benefits for the Team

  • Improve Performance over time 
  • Creating a Culture where people Have the Best Job They have EVER Had!
  • Teamwork and Riding for the Brand
  • Longer Retention = Better work Distribution 
  • Team is Faster and More Efficient 
  • Improved Safety 
  • Creating an environment where the Team Members look out for each other

The Fun Stuff

  • Advisor Provides Whole Crew a meal when a new hire reaches 90 days to celebrate the team effort 
  • Hard Hat Sticker
  • Tee Shirt 
  • Jacket 
  • Car Giveaway
    • Mentors who support a new hire to 120 days are eligible for up to 7 Raffle Tickets 

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