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Innovating Food Safety with Social, Environmental, and Economic Responsibility

  • Newest Generation Detergents and Sanitizers
  • HACCP Certified Service Technicians
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • HDPE Repurposing
  • Over   66,000 gallons of water and 200,000 pounds of HDPE saved this year.
From our plant sanitation teams to our product service technicians, we support our customers with the highest levels of competency in the field of sanitation.


StartKleen Solutions understands the importance of performance both on the floor and in the documentation program. In order to achieve the best in both facets, StartKleen employs more resource management than our competitors. We have a local presence with an unmatched commitment to our customers; our Senior Management Team spends a greater number of hours each year in your plant than what our competitors' upper management is able to spend and more than a Day Shift Manager at an In-house cleaned plant is able to invest in working with their in-house Sanitation crews.

Detergents, Sanitizers, & Specialty Cleaners

StartKleen Solutions provides the highest quality detergents and sanitizers available for the food industry. Not only do we provide our detergent customers with cost effective products, but also with consultative support services.  Our expertise in working with regulatory agencies and third party auditors allows us to provide the best in support for your sanitation program. StartKleen Solutions excels at providing:

  • Sanitation Program materials include HACCP compliant SSOP, Nightly Audit Reports, MSDS, and Safety Manuals. Laminated documentation is provided for use on the floor.
  • In-depth and on-site sanitation training, including topics such as Detergent Chemistry, Microbiology, and pH Spectrum all within their application to cleaning. Our training program will be tailored specifically for your facility. 
  • Service visits complete with monthly reports for management detailing the service visit, areas of concern, and how those concerns were addressed. 
  • Expertise in mixing, dispensing, and application equipment.
  • Responsive service with a Service Team that has proximity to our customers and availability that is unparalleled. 
  • Added value features to our customers like free Delivery of products with minimum orders and free removal of empty drums.


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